40th Anniversary of Triumphs In The West | 1981 – 2021
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Event Volunteers

Triumphest 2021 Event Volunteers

Events/functions Chairperson Team member
Triumphest 2021 chairperson Ron Cole  
Advertising and Goodie Bags John Heisser  
Autocross Dave Riddle  
Driving Rally Dave Riddle  
Flyer for use at Triumphest 2020 Mike Blachut  
Funcours/awards/presentations Pete Peterson Bob Mazer
Funkhana John Nuss  
Hotel Liaison Ron Cole Randy Koontz
Master of Ceremonies-2021 event Ron Cole, John Heiser, Armand LaCasse  
Photo, Model and Craft Contests John Nuss  
Program Mike Blachut John Heisser
Raffle Randy Koontz  
Regalia Kathy Nuss  
Registration Kathy Nuss Bob Mazer
Scenic Drives Julian Anderson  
Tech Sessions Armand LaCasse  
Thursday night dinner cruise John Reynolds  
Triumphest 2021 logo design Chuck Kerzan  
Vendors/Sponsors John Heisser  
Walking Rally George Montgomery  
Web site development Dave Riddle  
Welcome party and banquet Chuck Kerzan Mary White