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Welcome to the 2017 Triumphest Funcours. If you are interested in helping judge the cars, please let someone at the Registration table know.

The Funcours judging event dates back to the 1986 Triumphest organized by SCTOA and held in Pismo Beach, California. The program notes said:

Funcours Auto Show – Not your usual “one winner” event. Cars will be judged, not against each other, but against a standard. Everyone is a potential winner. There will be some fine examples of the breed. Come look, learn and enjoy. Although this is an experimental type of car show, we feel it will work well. As it has never been tried before, please bear with us if problems arise. Approach it as fun, and we will all be winners!

Thirty-one years later we are still looking at Triumphs in a fun way. Although some of us have Concours show quality Triumphs, many of us own these cars for the fun of driving them. And there are probably a few of us who still use our Triumphs as a daily driver.

My GT6+ stopped being a daily driver in 1994. For the next 10 years, it averaged 120 miles of driving a year while I spent time with our daughter as she was growing up. The GT6+ retains its daily driver qualities of rock chips, a rust spot, a few rattles, a 30 year old inexpensive repaint job, and 135,000 miles of drive it like you stole it then fix it if you break it fun.

However with a half day of labor my GT6+ will clean up well enough to earn an award. So whether you drove a derelict or trailered a fresh no-expense-spared restoration, enjoy the show with your friends who appreciate your Triumph affliction.

It has been my pleasure to organize the Funcours for your continued fun-car-show enjoyment. I would especially like to thank Pete Peterson who stepped in to assume the chief judge responsibilities since I am not able to attend this year.

Enjoy the show!