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Join fellow travelers on a ride across Arizona. Spend time at the Grand Canyon and watch majestic California Condors soar over the canyon. Then take a short trip east from Flagstaff to the Meteor Crater and witness the march of time from the demise of the dinosaurs to age of the astronauts. Finally, the fishing at Lee’s Ferry on the Colorado River and tributaries can be exciting. You may be called upon the test your engine driving skills as you travel.

The Funkhana is scored on elapsed time with points deducted for successes at the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and the fishing hole. With enough points earned, the winning score could be a negative number.

Train Number Engineer Brakeperson Adjusted Time
38 Cecil Wise Mia Gans 00:38.5
25 Ken Schmidt Deborah Cooke 00:43.3
7 Joel Justin Pam Justin 00:45.7
134 Dave Pilcher Cathy Pilcher 00:54.4
104 Jim McIlhany Marylin McIlhany 00:54.5
115 Steve Kennedy Alyson Kennedy 00:56.2
4 Art Graves Mike McPhail 00:56.8
37 Nancy Money John Hanten 00:59.7
57 Richard Gibbon Karyn Gibbon 01:05.3
55 Cregg Cowan Jeanette Cowan 01:06.9
29 Mike McPhail Art Graves 01:08.1
98 Rye Livinigston Kristen Livingston 01:09.0
73 Larry Fassauer Leann Fassauer 01:09.4
37 John Hanten Nancy Money 01:09.9
104 M.ike Piggot Judy Piggot 01:16.8
81 Jim Morrison Denise Morrison 01:17.9
122 Doug Gold Diane Gold 01:23.0
104 Dave Hogan Mary Jo Hogan 01:31.5
65 Jim Thompson Barbara Thompson 01:48.7
110 Mike Cave Ann Cave 01:53.4
3 Frank Conklin Nancy Conklin 02:03.5
70 Lonny Wall Kay Wall 02:18.3
118 Tom Rodrigues Ivy Chiao DNF