40th Anniversary of Triumphs In The West | 1981 – 2021
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Tech Session

Keeping The “Smoke” Within Those Wires

2021 Triumphest Electrical Tech Session 21 10 15

Join us for a semi-technical (and hopefully entertaining) discussion about our Triumph electrical systems.  Whether you know nothing about all of those funny wire colors, or you could present this session while you test alternator diodes, this session is intended to help you learn something new to maintain your Triumph electrical system.

The presentation, hands-on demonstrations, disassembled parts, and discussion will include:

  • How does it work?
  • Wiring diagrams are electron road maps.
  • Common maintenance issues and repairs
  • Why do electrical items fail?
  • Electrical system improvements and upgrades

You can also receive a complimentary electronic copy of the presentation so you can refer to it again and not have to take copious notes.  So instead of washing your car during this time period, join us while we learn more about keeping the “smoke” inside of our wiring!